Today’s unsung beading heros? Beadalon Bead Bumpers

Bead Bumpers

~Design by Fernando DaSilva, courtesy of Beadalon

They’re small, sometimes fiddly, but these little, rubberized beads are incredibly helpful in making snug designs that have movement. Originally designed to mimic the look of knots between pearls, the Bead Bumpers do that and oh, so much more!

Some of my favorite things about Bead Bumpers:

1. They act like a Bead Stopper at the end of Memory Wire so your beads don’t fall off as you are designing.

memory wire bead bumper

Use a Square Bead Stopper on either side of your clasp to hide extra wire.

2. They take up the slack when you are adding a Magnetic Tube Clasp to finish your memory wire. You’ll need a little extra room to get the loop turned over and hidden in the clasp. Use a Square Bead Bumper on each end, and they’ll squeeze and release to minimize the exposed wire.

3. We all know that we should leave some “wiggle room” in our designs to minimize the beads from rubbing against the wire, but who likes exposed wire at the ends of our designs? Here’s where Bead Bumpers really shine. Add a few on each end, and their elastic properties will allow you to build in the “wiggle room” without the wire gaps.

Have you been using Bead Bumpers in your designs? Found any other great uses for them? Post your projects and ideas on the Beadalon Facebook page! Instagram more your style? Here’s the link!