Happy Mother’s Day Necklace and Earrings with Beadalon Quicklinks

Mothers Day Birthstone NecklaceBeing a Mama is hard work, and what better way to show the special mamas in your life how much they mean to you than with a personalized birthstone necklace made with Beadalon’s Quicklinks? There is a quick video that I made last year on Beadalon’s YouTube Channel, but I thought it would be helpful to take a longer walk through of this project on today’s Facebook Live. 

314B-320 Quick Links
326B-414 Quick Links Connectors
AWD-22S-10-08YD  22 Gauge Tarnish Resistant Silver Plated Artistic Wire
A314-20S-10-02 20 Gauge Artistic Wire Chain Maille Rings
340B-060 Diamond Cut Ball Chain
338B-201 Ball Chain Ends
322B-012 Tag
315B-032 Lobster Clasp
Beads of your choice

Wrap the beads onto the Quick Links using the 22 Gauge Artistic Wire and link them together with the Quick Link Connectors. Attach the Ball Chain Ends to the Ball Chain with Chain Nose Pliers, then use Jump Rings to attach one end of the Chain to the rings and the other to the Tag and Clasp.

And here is a handy chart of Swarovski Birthstone colors from my friends at Har Man Importing.

Wishing my mommy and all the mommies the very happiest Mothers’ Day. You are amazing and you’re doing a great job!



The Baby Jewel Loom by Julianna Avelar


The Baby Jewel loom is small, but mighty!

We had so much fun yesterday with our dual coast Facebook Live with Julianna C Avelar, inventor of the Baby Jewel Loom and Mama Jewel Loom. The Baby Jewel Loom is a great choice for beginning Loomers (like me!) because it’s always in the warp position – you don’t have to worry about getting the correct tension with the Rod like with the Mama Loom. It’s great for quick, smaller projects – and you can also make larger projects by sewing together multiple pieces. Check out Julianna’s latest book, Jewel Loom Inspirations for more project ideas.

For this project, I used Size 6 Czech Seed Beads and 26 Gauge Champagne Artistic Wire. You can use all types of materials with the Looms, including (but not limited to) Leather Cord, WildFire, Hemp Cord, Beading Thread, Ribbon, Nymo and B-Lon. Pro Tip: To best thread WildFire onto the Jewel Loom Needle (or any needle), first use flat nosed pliers to flatten the WildFire. Then it should slide through the eye of the needle no problem! In addition to Seed Beads, you can use Swarovski Crystals, vintage beads, even gemstones in your designs.

It was great having Julianna with us to help out, especially since I invariably mix up which are the Warps and which are the Wefts. The definitive answer from Julianna herself: The Warps are up and down, and the Wefts go side to side. I’m going to post that on my wall!

The full instructions for the design that I made in the video are included with the Baby Jewel Loom, but Beadalon also has them posted on-line here! We love seeing your creations, so please post them on the Beadalon Facebook Page!

Happy Beading!