New Beadalon Beadweaving Threads! WildFire Colors, B-lon & Nymo

Check out my ThreadsWhen I first started at Beadalon 10 years ago, we offered many different stringing materials that worked great in many different applications. However, the one thing I though would be a good addition to our line was a super strong, waterproof, easily knotted, not easily pierced, thread for beadweaving with a color coating that does not come off as you are working on it. It was a tall order, but after over a year of development, we had WildFire Beadweaving Thread! It soon became a favorite stringing material for beadweavers all over the globe, but the one request we got over and over again (including from me) was MORE COLORS! So, at long last, we are so happy to be able to announce that there are now 3 additional colors in the WildFire family – Red, Blue and Grey. Currently, they are available in .006 diameter, but very soon, we will have in stock the whole product line extension including 20, 50 and 125 yard spool and .006 and .008 diameters in all 6 colors of WildFire.

TheĀ WildFire Needle is my favorite needle to do beadweaving with WildFire. It is very thin, to accommodate multiple passes through seed beads and short, to easily maneuver. Pro tips: flatten the end of the WildFire with a pair of chain nose pliers to make it easier to thread through the needle. Always use a designated, super sharp pair of scissors to cut it, or burn the ends with the WildFire Cord Cutter.

And if that wasn’t reason enough for celebration, we have also added the new B-lon Tex 210 Bead Thread in 3 color assortments – 9 colors in all (black, white & grey; silver, gold & copper; light brown, medium brown & dark brown). I love using the B-lon with the Tying Station, the new Katie Knotter Tool, and the Tassel Maker.

Last, but certainly not least, is the workhorse of the bead weaving world – Nymo Thread. We have added 6 more colors – lilac, olive, turquoise, dark blue, amethyst, and dusty mauve – and 2 new variety packs – to the already ample variety of colors and diameters that we already carry. But shhhh…… they’re so new, they’re not even on the Beadalon website yet!

Last week’s Facebook Live Video featured information about all three of these families of stringing materials. You can catch up on all of the info by watching the recap below, or on the Beadalon Facebook Page.

Please like, share, and post your creations! As always, feel free to give me a shout with any questions that you have.

Happy beading!