My Current Favorite Findings – Magna Tube Clasps


6mm Magna Tube Clasp from Beadalon

It’ a little unassuming, perhaps easily overlooked, but don’t underestimate this powerhouse of a magnetic clasp!

My favorite way to use it is on the ends of memory wire (round or flat). Use Round Nose Pliers to turn a small half loop on the end of the Memory Wire, use a Chain Nose Pliers to flatten the loop as much as you can, then string the clasp onto the Wire so that the loop catches in the large hole. Add your beads until you reach the other side leaving about a half of an inch of bare wire to add the other side of the magnet. Making sure the poles of the magnets are correctly aligned, string on the second half of the magnet with the large hole facing away from your beads. Turn and flatten a loop on the end of the Memory Wire so it slides into the large hole in the clasp.

I’ve been making these for myself, and also giving them as gifts. The Magna Clasp is¬†super strong, and makes for a beautiful bracelet that’s a cinch to put on and take off!

memory wire magna tube