It makes good cents to give a personalized Father’s Day Keychain!

FATHERS DAY PENNIESI love a good Pinterest project, and if I can use both Beadalon products and metal stamps from my friends at ImpressArt, then it’s even better! Today’s Facebook Live on the Beadalon Page featured this adorable key chain made with a penny, a Beadalon Key Ring, and a Jump Ring. How easy is that? We made it even easier to follow along in our follow up YouTube Video. I found so many creative stamped designs by doing a quick Pinterest search – anniversaries, weddings, birthstones, etc. I especially loved the way someone assembled all of their souvenir pennies onto a key ring. I’m definitely doing that one on our next Disney trip.

When a project leads to a rabbit hole of creativity, you know it’s a good one!

I know I’m always struggling to come up with good projects for the men in my life. I hope this one inspires you to make something for the special dad in yours.

Penny with the year of your choosing
Beadalon Key Ring
Jump Ring or Split Ring

Bench Block
Leather Pad
Chain Nose Pliers
Split Ring Pliers
Metal Stamps – I used the 3mm Newsprint Font
Simple Strike Jig

Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful Daddy!

Happy beading to you all!