My Current Favorite Findings – Magna Tube Clasps


6mm Magna Tube Clasp from Beadalon

It’ a little unassuming, perhaps easily overlooked, but don’t underestimate this powerhouse of a magnetic clasp!

My favorite way to use it is on the ends of memory wire (round or flat). Use Round Nose Pliers to turn a small half loop on the end of the Memory Wire, use a Chain Nose Pliers to flatten the loop as much as you can, then string the clasp onto the Wire so that the loop catches in the large hole. Add your beads until you reach the other side leaving about a half of an inch of bare wire to add the other side of the magnet. Making sure the poles of the magnets are correctly aligned, string on the second half of the magnet with the large hole facing away from your beads. Turn and flatten a loop on the end of the Memory Wire so it slides into the large hole in the clasp.

I’ve been making these for myself, and also giving them as gifts. The Magna Clasp is super strong, and makes for a beautiful bracelet that’s a cinch to put on and take off!

memory wire magna tube

Making a Knotted Headpin

knotted headpin

Knotted Headpin made with 22 Gauge Gold Color Artistic Wire

I can’t take credit for coming up with this technique for making knotted headpins, but I am totally taking credit for letting everyone know what a game changer it is!

You can find the original video that I watched here. I modified the technique just a scosh to make it work better for me. I like the idea of straightening it (and hardening the wire a little bit) with the nylon jaw pliers as I pull the knot tight.

I love it because it because it uses up scraps of wire, you can match the color of your headpins exactly to your wire-worked design, and you’ll never run out of headpins again!

I taught the technique as part of Beadalon’s Inspiration Playground Workshops at BeadFest this year. Feel free to print off these instructions and spread the word! Link>Instruction knot head pin

Free Tutorial – Tennis Bracelet with Flat Memory Wire Findings

Have you seen all of the findings that you can use for Beadalon’s Flat Memory Wire? This tutorial uses the Round Cup Findings and Cubic Zirconia stones to make a sparkly, fun tennis bracelet. Swarovski Elements 1088 Xilion Chaton size SS29 also fit perfectly into the channels. I love how easy it is to make a super fancy tennis bracelet at a fraction of the cost!

Free Tutorial – Making Charm Bracelets with the Artistic Wire 3D Bracelet Jig

Stackable charm bracelets are so popular right now, and you can make your own so easily with the award winning 3D Bracelet Jig!

Here are the written instructions:

  1. Put one pin into the jig on the top row.
  2. Count 3 holes over and one down and insert a second pin for a small wrist (4 holes over for a large wrist).
  3. Straighten a 20” piece of wire.
  4. Lay it across the jig and bend the wire to the outside and around the first pin. Take the wire around, underneath the jig and up the other side.
  5. Make another loop around the second peg.
  6. Cut the excess wire off of the loop so that ¾ of the loop is remaining. Repeat on the other loop.
  7. Remove the bracelet from the Jig.
  8. Wrap the bracelet around a smaller object. This helps tighten the bracelet to the correct size. Open it back up.
  9. Attach the loops around the bracelet wire by using a chain nose pliers to stand both of the loops up at a 90’ angle, then bending them out.
  10. Slide each loop over the wire and close it.
  11. Attach your charms with a jump ring and enjoy!

We’d love to see what you make! Be sure to post on the Beadalon Facebook Page!

Well hello there, Miss August!

I really can’t be more honored and proud to have one of my designs featured in the 2014 Swarovski Project Calendar. My Gatsby Inspired Necklace is this month’s featured project! I have free instructions for two variations of this project (and even a video!)!

The focal piece is a gorgeous antique copper Small Beautiful Flower from Kabela Design.

The calendar is co-sponsored by Beadalon, TierraCast and Swarovski Create Your Style. It is full of amazing designs by amazing designers. We still have a supply of them in the office, so if you’d like a calendar, leave a comment and I’ll be happy to send it to you!

Swarovski 2014 Project Calendar

Swarovski 2014 Project Calendar

Gatsby Inspired Necklace

Gatsby Inspired Necklace

New Free Video Project – Artistic Wire – Beaded Wire Knit Bracelet

Hey friends! We just posted a new video project on making a beaded wire knit bracelet The bracelet uses 28 gauge Artistic Wire and 4mm Swarovski 5000 beads in Crystal Iridescent Green – one of the new colors for Spring/Summer 2014. It’s amazing how easy and fun knitting on the Artistic Wire Knitter is!

If you’re in the Philadelphia area August 22-23, you can see me demonstrate it at the Bead Fest Expo. Here’s a discount coupon for $10 off of your admission!

Free Pattern – Illusion Tube Bracelet

Here’s a free pattern for you today!

MatSlide Clasp Connectors and Wire Bracelet_Terials:

20mm Slide Tube Extension Clasp
49 Strand .024 Gold Color Beadalon Bead Stringing Wire
Size 2 Crimp Tubes, Gold Color
Size 3 Crimp Tubes, Gold Color
Crimp Tools – Standard and Micro
6mm round beads

  1. Cut 6x 8” lengths of Beading Wire
  2. String a size 3 crimp tube on one end of wire and loop the wire around the crimp and back through it. Crimp the crimp tube.
  3. Repeat on all of the other wires.
  4. Using the Size 1 Crimp Tubes, crimp the 6mm beads in place on the wire following a random or symmetrical pattern.
  5. Slip one end of each crimped wire into one of the Tubes and fold down the end to secure.
  6. Repeat step 2 on the other end of all of the wires taking care that they are all the same length.
  7. Slip the other ends into the other side of the tube clasp and fold down the end to secure.

And here’s the link to the video!

Finally here! New Tube Clasps with Extension Chains

slide connector clasps in AC Moore

Slide Connector Clasps on the base deck in AC Moore!

I am so proud and excited to be able to share that the new Beadalon Tube Clasps have arrived. They are in stock and, if I may be so bold, AWESOME!!!! They my first start to finish product development project, and it is so gratifying to be able to bring them to market. They come in three sizes – 13mm, 20mm and 25mm, and silver plate and gold color.

You can use them for so many different projects. 3mm cup chain, ball chain, and seed beads (size 8, size 11 and 2mm cubes) will all slide in quite nicely. My favorite find is that the Artistic Wire Aluminum Fabric fits in perfectly – opening up a whole new set of possibilities for working with it. Click on the photos below for links to some free project instructions (instructions coming soon)! Post your creations on the Beadalon Facebook page!


Using the Artistic Wire 4 Prong Wire Knitter – Step by Step Tutorial for JTV

I’ll be honest, it took me a little while to warm up to the technique of knitting with wires. The Artistic Wire 4 and 6 Prong Knitters make it really simple and fun, so it wasn’t long before I was hooked. One of the good things about the product testing side of my job is that I have to keep at it until I master a technique well enough to be able to teach it. Usually in the process, any hesitation or reluctance I have about a tool or a technique vanishes by the time I’m ready to show others. Such is the case with knitting with wire thanks to the Artistic Wire Knitters!

Tip: Use the Wire Knitter Weights to keep even tension to make even stitches, and the Designer Beading Awl to pull up and loop the wire.

Adding a Button Clasp Step By Step Video Tutorial for JTV

Adding a button clasp to a wrap bracelet or a Shamballa Style bracelet is one of my favorite finishing techniques. It’s easy to put on and take off, and if done right, is a very secure clasp. When you make the bracelet with Beadalon Bead Stringing Wire, it’s even easier and more secure because you use crimp beads instead of knots or glue.

Here are some written instructions, and JTV did a great job on this Jewel School video that explains it step by step. They even have a great vintage button kit that I hand picked! [P.S. This is a great deal, just sayin’.]