DIY Ear Jackets with the Artistic Wire Findings Forms by Beadalon

I am obsessed with Ear Jackets. Never heard of them? They are cool earrings that hang down BEHIND the lobe. Like, why didn’t I think of that first, and where have they been all my life, right?

So with all of my newest obsessions, I needed to find a way to DIY, ’cause that’s how I roll. Luckily, in my office here at Beadalon, I had all of the fixin’s to make the perfect DIY Ear Jackets. Inspiration struck, and I’m happy to be able to share with you!


Artistic Wire Findings Forms Connector 1:5 (228S-668)
22 gauge Silver Plated Beadalon German Style Wire (180B-022) or Artistic Wire (AWD-22S-10-08YD)
Silver Plated Headpins (312B-013) or my favorites – Ball Headpins (312B-223)

Instructions for larger dangle:

And instructions for a smaller dangle:

I can’t wait to try out some of the other Findings Forms to make more designs!

Making a Knotted Headpin

knotted headpin

Knotted Headpin made with 22 Gauge Gold Color Artistic Wire

I can’t take credit for coming up with this technique for making knotted headpins, but I am totally taking credit for letting everyone know what a game changer it is!

You can find the original video that I watched here. I modified the technique just a scosh to make it work better for me. I like the idea of straightening it (and hardening the wire a little bit) with the nylon jaw pliers as I pull the knot tight.

I love it because it because it uses up scraps of wire, you can match the color of your headpins exactly to your wire-worked design, and you’ll never run out of headpins again!

I taught the technique as part of Beadalon’s Inspiration Playground Workshops at BeadFest this year. Feel free to print off these instructions and spread the word! Link>Instruction knot head pin

Wrap Bracelet video using the Tying Station

My second visit to JTV was even more fun than the first! I got to do my Sunday show with the lovely Kristin, and Kim was back on Monday for a whirlwind extravaganza of beady goodness! I made another video on a Tying Station technique. Don’t have the Tying Station yet? You can get it at your local bead shop this spring, but right now, it’s exclusively available from JTV in either the deluxe kit or the starter kit.

“See the products as your tools.” – Tim Holtz


I really am still reeling from the amazing experience that I had at Ranger U last month. One of the things that really stuck with me was the advice that Tim Holtz opened up the 3 day intensive learning workshop with – see the products as your tools. I learned lots of ways to use those tools by making over 70 cards and lots of trinkets in those 3 days.

Almost all of the techniques were brand new to me, so my learning curve is still curving up pretty steeply. The team at Ranger Ink did such a great job putting together the learning materials, and I don’t want to lose the amazing knowledge and technique that I gained. I’ve issued a personal challenge to redo the course by using each tool, and practicing each technique, over the next 70 or so days. I’ll post what I’ve made and hopefully I’ll inspire you to try something new too!

This card showcases how fun and shimmery the Perfect Pearls are. I had used them before, but had no idea that pouncing with the big brush gets that shimmer right up in there! I also learned that the Perfect Pearls are makeup grade. So there’s that, if I ever go out for a night on the town.

Stay tuned for more shimmer and shine!

Mother’s anklet


I love making jewelry for other people. And I really appreciate it when my friends let their friends know that I’m happy to do custom designs for them. This is a mother’s anklet for a friend of a friend. I hope whoever she is giving it to loves it!

Easiest bracelet ever!


My MOMS club is having a fundraiser (more on that later) and luckily, they have a jewelry designer in the group with more supplies than any one person needs! I designed this bracelet to be super easy to make for both moms and kids. Just double a piece of leather and tie a knot in one end to make a loop to fit over a button. Add the button on the other side, and tie a knot on either side.

The moms and kiddos are going to make these in a few weeks and we’ll be selling them in memory of Mya Rose who we lost to pediatric neuroblastoma this summer. We miss you, Mya!




I have amazing friends. And those friends also tend to have amazing friends.

I made a similar bracelet the other day using these instructions as my inspiration. As I was visiting my beautiful and wonderful friend and neighbor, Caroline, she liked it so much that I gave it to her. (She really liked it a lot!)

Then, she asked me to make one for her friend Jacqueline. Who liked it so much, she ordered two!

Meanwhile, my incredibly talented friend Juliana Hudgins hooked me up with the folks at Spellbinders and the amazing Grand Calibur to make the adorable packaging. The hardest part of the whole project was getting my logo labels formatted.

I love my friends!