The Beadalon Team’s JTV Experience

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The Beadalon Team had an AMAZING time at the JTV Experience hosted by Jewelry Television July 17-21, 2017! I had the pleasure of finally meeting the lovely Kleshna, inventor of the Bangle Bracelet and Ring Weaver Tools. We celebrated the birthday of the talented Sara Ellis, and it’s always a good time when Wyatt White is part of the party! We even got to see Beadalon Design Team member, Candie Cooper, as she was running to her class that was televised LIVE.

We all taught classes as part of the event, and my students had the opportunity to work with the Elastic Cord Needle and Elonga Stretch Cord. Everyone agreed that the Elonga was a great option for making stretch bracelets – look for more information about it soon. My second class used the Katie Knotter Tool, designed by Katie Hacker. Did you know that if you don’t have the right sized table for the C bracket, you can use a Beadalon Tacky Bead Mat? That mat comes in handy in so many ways! We made fun bangle bracelets using the 3D Bracelet Jig, Artistic Wire Crimp Tubes, and B-Lon Cord. Finishing the ends off with little bead dangles was a favorite for everyone!

I’ll be heading back down for my on air time August 14th and 15th. Tune in for some fun new JTV Exclusive products as well as some old favorites.

Happy beading!