Beadalon Spin-n-Bead Quick Change Trays

Spin N Bead Quick Change Trays

Every once in a while, a product comes along that is truly a game changer. Most recently for me, that’s the Beadalon Spin-n-Bead Quick Change Trays. Adrienne Gaskell came up with the idea as a way to make it easier to string up beads for making Kumohimo Braided Ropes, but I immediately jumped on the bandwagon for another use – making French Beaded Flowers. Some of you may know that my love of beading was reignited almost 20 years ago (gasp!) when I started making these gorgeous flowers out of tiny seed beads. It’s amazing the difference a few decades makes in the abundance of information. Back then, there was no Pinterest, no Instagram, but a small community of incredibly talented and generous people who shared their knowledge and resources. Fast forward these many years, and I get to have a hand in creating a tool that makes switching out beads for designing in different colors immediate. Ah.Maze.Ing!

Whatever you use them for, I think you’ll agree that the Quick Change Trays are are as ingenious as they are simple to use. Simply pour your beads in the bowl of either the Spin-n-Bead or the Spin-n-Bead Jr., then use a curved needle with thread, or 22 or 24 gauge Artistic Wire, to load your beads. When you want to change colors, just add the beads to a Quick Change Tray and place it over the spoke in the center of the Spin-n-Bead Tool. When you want to switch colors back, just take it off again. Voila!

A few weeks ago, I featured the Quick Change Trays on Beadalon’s weekly Facebook Live Video. I take you through a few different uses, and even show how to make a simple flower. There are a ton of resources and inspiration out there now on making the flowers. It’s a technique with a rich history and hopefully a future made even brighter with the introduction of this new tool!