Beadalon Elastic Cord Needle makes Stretchy Bracelets super easy!

Beaded shish kabobsYesterday’s Facebook Live over on the Beadalon Page featured another new product demonstration – the Elastic Cord Needle. This needle is perfect for stringing up beaded designs on .5 and .8 mm Elasticity Stretchy Cord. There is a loop on one end to keep your beads in place, and a hook on the other end to hook your stretchy cord into.

In preparing for the video, and playing around with different stringing materials, I rediscovered the Elonga stretch cord. In the video, I talk about all the reasons that I really like this stringing material including:

  1. It knots up really well – use a surgeon’s knot.
  2. It’s flat so the 1.0mm will fit through the eye of the needle (the 1.0mm elasticity is too thick, but it’s ok because you can string up beads really easily on that material).
  3. Since it’s a fibrous material, if sharp edged beads start cutting through it, you’ll know in plenty of time before it snaps – the threads will start whispering out and you’ll know it’s time to restring.

Since we only have so much space on the packaging, these videos really help flesh out how to use these products. For example, on the Elasticity Package, we recommend finishing off with a Figure 8 Knot. Another great technique that I use when I make my stretchy bracelets I learned from a Beading Daily Blog Post by Jen VanBenschoten. I couldn’t get a link to the original post anymore, but she suggests using a double strand of stretchy material and knotting through the loop on the end. This technique is perfect for using with the Elastic Cord Needle! I demonstrate it a couple of times in the video. I like it because it doubles the strength of your bracelet, and I think the knot is more secure around the loop.

I love the interactivity of the Facebook Live – you guys always chime in with such great ideas and suggestions! Check out the archived video and let me know what you think of the new Elastic Cord Needle. Have you tried the looped technique? Or do you have another tip for me? We’re trying to keep to a schedule of videos on Wednesdays at 3:00pm EST, but you can always watch the archived videos at your convenience!