Artistic Wire Adjustable Ring Findings Forms

We are continuing our debut of new products on Facebook Live with today’s video of the Artistic Wire Adjustable Rings Findings Forms. Wyatt did a great job demonstrating how you can use just 4 inches of 24 Gauge Silver Filled Wire to make an adjustable ring in minutes using the Findings Forms made specifically for rings! Use the larger circle for soft wires like Artistic Wire and the smaller circle for harder wires like German Style and Silver Filled. The tool can make 4 different adjustable sizes to fit almost anyone’s fingers. Don’t forget to rotate the Jig to make the bends; don’t try to wrap the wire around it!

Wyatt also uses the new MultiPliers – a patent pending, double headed pliers that eliminates the need to constantly pick up and put down your tools while you are working. I love watching Wyatt use it. He just moves his wrist back and forth to switch between the round and chain nose pliers. An amazing time saver for production work, for sure!

You can leave the adjustable rings plain, but we’re all about the embellishment here! Wyatt also showed how to add beads onto the rings, and don’t forget the Bead Bumpers are great for holding beads in place. I just re-watched the video, and it’s amazing how much helpful information Wyatt packed into 15 minutes!

Join us next Wednesday for another video, or check out the archives at your leisure on Beadalon’s website or Facebook Page. Thanks for joining us!