New Product Spotlight: Supplemax 0.70 mm in 6 colors!

Supplemax .070 mm Family Portrait

Supplemax 0.70 mm Family Portrait

When Kleshna suggested we at Beadalon add thicker Supplemax 0.70 mm (0.03 in) to use with the Award Winning Kleshna Bangle Bracelet Weaver Tool, we jumped on the idea!  Supplemax is a soft, supple, nylon stringing material that has been used for years to make “illusion” style floating designs. This new, thicker material gives designs woven on the Kleshna Tool more structure and rigidity.

I played around with a few designs using the Blueberry and Tutti Fruitti colors. I love how the Supplemax looks so transparent as you are using it, then emerges as a really nice pastel palette once it’s woven. Click here to learn more about the Kleshna Tool and how to use it to weave bangle bracelets. We’re just scratching the surface on designs to make with this tool. Have you come up with any breakthrough designs? Be sure to post them on the Beadalon Facebook Page!

The Tiny, Mighty Bead Bumper

Bead Bumpers

Bead Bumpers

We just wrapped up a great Facebook Live Event for Beadalon about proper crimping techniques. Missed it? You can watch it here. One of the surprise stars of the video was the tiny, yet mighty Bead Bumpers! Here’s a recap on my top 3 reasons why I LOVE Bead Bumpers.

1. They act like a Bead Stopper at the end of Memory Wire so your beads don’t fall off as you are designing.

memory wire bead bumper

Use a Square Bead Stopper on either side of your clasp to hide extra wire.

2. They take up the slack when you are adding a Magnetic Tube Clasp to finish your memory wire. You’ll need a little extra room to get the loop turned over and hidden in the clasp. Use a Square Bead Bumper on each end, and they’ll squeeze and release to minimize the exposed wire.

3. We all know that we should leave some “wiggle room” in our designs to minimize the beads from rubbing against the wire, but who likes exposed wire at the ends of our designs? Here’s where Bead Bumpers really shine. Add a few on each end, and their elastic properties will allow you to build in the “wiggle room” without the wire gaps.

I like to think of them like a little magical tool to tighten up spaces at the ends of your designs.

Stay tuned for more Beadalon Facebook Live Events soon! Be sure to *like* the Beadalon Facebook Page and the Meredith Joy Designs Facebook page to stay up to date!

And…if you missed the original Facebook event, you can watch it right here!

Two New Beadalon Tool Kits!

Beadalon added two new new tool kits to take some of the guesswork out of getting started – or moving forward- with your beading skill arsenal. First, the Wire Wrapping Kit, (MSRP $35.99) put together by wire wrapper extraordinaire Wyatt White, includes all of the tools you need to get started with Wire Wrapping including: Chain Nose Pliers, Bent Chain Nose Pliers, Round Nose Pliers and a Nipper Tool. We also included a special bonus booklet – Beginning Wire Wrapping by Wyatt White, with step by step photo instructions to make simple loops, wrapped loops, head pins, wrapped briolettes and fancy bead caps.

The Ear Wire Kit (MSRP $19.99) has all of the supplies that you need to make perfect, matching ear wires – every time! The Swoop Earwire Findings Form is one of my favorites, the 22 Gauge German Style Wire is the right gauge and temper of Wire, and the Wire Rounder makes quick work of smoothing out the rough edges. The Pocket Nipper Tool is just the right size to snip the ends of the ear wires. You’ll be in earring production heaven in no time!

Head on over to the Beadalon/Artistic Wire Resource Center to learn more about how to use all of these tools and more to create your own jewelry!

Make it Monday – Earring Jackets now with a video!

earring_jackets_lEvery time I wear Earring Jackets that I made with the Artistic Wire Findings Forms Connector Jig, they get noticed – the ultimate compliment! You can read my original post with instructions and materials to make the components here, and now there’s a quick and dirty YouTube Video to follow along with, too!

I think these would make great holiday gifts – I hope my friends and family will agree! The next fun part is designing some packaging so people will get that they are supposed to be used with existing stud earrings. Any ideas for me?


French Beaded Flowers Made with Artistic Wire From Beadalon – Coming Full Circle


As my good friend Angela can attest, my serious beading started 16 years ago when I became obsessed with making French Beaded Flowers. This led to a circuit of bead shows which led to a frenzy of bead buying which led to a major career change, and here I am today to share a video for Beadalon/Artistic Wire on how to make a basic French Beaded Flower using the Continuous Circle Technique.

These little guys are easy to make, take a minimal amount of seed beads, and are a great gateway into the wonderful world of beading. Enjoy!

Make it Monday: Wine Charms

The grown-up version of a Sharpie on a Solo Cup, these Wine Glass Charms are a great way to keep track of your drink at a party!

JTMEMCUT2 Memory Wire Shears
347B-010 – Memory Wire Ring
201A-250 – Memory Wire Finishing Pliers
AWD-24S-10-10YD        Artistic Wire, 24 Gauge (.51mm), Silver Plated, Tarnish Resistant Silver, 10 yd (9.1 m)
JTNJ1   Nylon Jaw Pliers
201A-101          Sparkle Chain Nose Pliers
201A-104          Sparkle Round Nose Pliers
202E-001          Designer Flush Cutter


Make it Monday: DIY Bridal Dress Hanger with the Artistic Wire Really Big Jig

I can’t even believe that it’s my 10th wedding anniversary this year. I have so many wonderful memories from that day, including all of the DIY projects that I incorporated into the ceremony. That was the days before Pinterest and YouTube, and all of my inspiration came from the wonderful community message boards at the Knot.

Luckily for today’s Brides, there is an endless supply of inspiration, ideas, and DIY tutorials to help make their day special and unique. Here’s a video for an Artistic Wire project on making a DIY Bride Hanger using the Really Big Jig and 12 Gauge Aluminum Artistic Wire.

Materials List:

228P-800  – Really Big Jig
AWB-120130-12M  – 12 Gauge Aluminum Artistic Wire
AWD-24S-10-10YD –  24 Gauge Artistic Wire
340B-001 –  Chain
A314-20S-10-02 – Artistic Wire Chain Maille Jump Ring
327B-024 Pinch Bail
201A-222 Pinch Bail Pliers
2x Chain Nose Pliers
Swarovski Heart Pendant
Wooden Hanger (I got mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond)

You can download a template for the Bride letters and a blank template to customize your own words from the Beadalon website. They’ll print out the best when you download the PDF file rather than printing from the webpage.

As always, be sure to post your projects on the Beadalon Facebook page!

Birthstone Necklace with Beadalon Quicklinks and Swarovski Crystals

I love a good collaborative effort, and Beadalon’s newest employee extraordinaire, Caroline Dunaway, is a wonderful Yin to my Yang! She challenged me to design a Mothers’ Day Birthstone Necklace with joined circles, and here is the result!

314B-320 Quick Links
326B-414 Quick Links Connectors
AWD-22S-10-08YD  22 Gauge Tarnish Resistant Silver Plated Artistic Wire
A314-20S-10-02 20 Gauge Artistic Wire Chain Maille Rings
340B-060 Diamond Cut Ball Chain
338B-201 Ball Chain Ends
322B-012 Tag
315B-032 Lobster Clasp
Beads of your choice

Wrap the beads onto the Quick Links using the 22 Gauge Artistic Wire and link them together with the Quick Link Connectors. Attach the Ball Chain Ends to the Ball Chain with Chain Nose Pliers, then use Jump Rings to attach one end of the Chain to the rings and the other to the Tag and Clasp.

And here is a handy chart of Swarovski Birthstone colors from my friends at Har Man Importing.

Wishing my mommy and all the mommies a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!! xoxo

Beads, Baubles and Jewels Series 2400

BBJ Mer and Katy

Last November, I had the honor of being one of the guests for the critically acclaimed PBS Series, Beads, Baubles & Jewels with host Katie Hacker. My episode – 2405 Make These Tonight –  is now on-line!

In my show, Katie and I make 3 different styles of bracelets with some of my favorite findings and techniques. Special thanks to TierraCast for providing the cute charms and the 2mm Taj Cord End (01-0210-61) that fit perfectly on Artistic Wire Braid. Click through to watch the episode and check out the tutorials for the Artistic Wire Braid Bangle Bracelet, the Flat Memory Wire Tennis Bracelet, and the Illusion Tube Bracelet.

As always, feel free to post what you make on the Beadalon Facebook page.

Happy Beading!

Make it Monday: Use 5mm Flat Artistic Wire from Beadalon to make a GPS Coordinates Necklace

I love personalized jewelry, and this GPS necklace is a great way to celebrate a special place. Find your wedding site, birthplace, favorite vacation spot, house, or other memorable place at GPS Coordinates, and use 5mm Flat Artistic Wire and metal stamps (my faves are from ImpressArt) to stamp your coordinates for a one-of-a-kind celebration necklace or bracelet.

Materials List:

21 Gauge 5mm Flat Artistic Wire
Hole Punch Pliers
Designer Flush Cutter
Steel Bench Block and Hammer
Leather Pad
Polishing Cloth
Jump Rings
Ball Chain
Ball Chain Ends
Lobster Claw and Tag
Permanent Marker

Don’t forget to post your creations on the Beadalon Facebook Page!

Happy Creating!